Package machine for chocolate coins

The product is wrapped up in color pattern paper instead of original monochrome paper.

It is not only can pack the wafer or disk shape, but also packe rectangular film. The appearance of packaged product is more beautiful, vivid color patterns and stereoscopic.

And it has the function of the photoelectric tracking settings for pattern of trademarks,length and short setting,and sugar-free non-feeding function.After continuous improvement,it was made more easy to operate, easy maintenance, improve the product of packaging quality and productivity. pattern of trademarks for photoelectric tracking settings, paper length and sugar-free non-feeding function, after continuous improvement to make it more easy to operate, easy maintenance, improve product packaging quality and productivity.

Techincal data:
Packing material:     0.05mm  aluminium  foil
Packing size:           Coin shape   23-39mm(double)
Production capactiy: 40-50 pieces/min
Packing size:           Coin shape   40-80mm(odd)
Overall dimension:   1560X1250X1450mm(L W H)
Weight:                   1500kg

Package machine for chocolate coins

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