Toffee line,sugus line,milk candy machine line

GF complete line for toffee,sugus line and milk candy line


Technical Descriptions
GF complete line for toffee
Including following equipments:
Cooking system, Co-extruder, Cooling tunnel, Cut & wrap machine in double twist

Continuous cooking system for toffees
■ Continuous cooking and caramelizing plant for toffees or caramels
■ Option of simultaneous or separate cooking and caramelisation
■ Flexible operation-degree of cooking and caramelisation can be varied independently
■ Ability to blend ingredients such as butter,fondant or flavors
■ Temperature for 8 sections can be adjusted separately.
■ Mixing speed can be adjusted steplessly.
■ Digital temperature display for both units.
■ Emulsifier can adequately homogenize condensed milk,fat and syrup with high speed.

This system is composed of one Emulsifier, one Syrup Pump and one Carablend Cooker.

The cooker has two units in series. Each unit is made up of four steam jacketed sections or zones. Each zone has independent steam controls, gauges, etc. The sections are made of stainless steel, they are in the form of an open topped trough with a circular cross section. The four sections are connected directly together.

Rotating in the trough is a shaftless stainless steel blade. This mixers together the toffee whilst slowly moving it forward. The mixing blade results in two forward movements of the mass for every reverse movement. The combination of forward and reverse movement ensures thorough mixing. At the same time as mixing the mass the blade sweeps the heated surface of the unit preventing burning and build up at the surface. At one end of the unit there is a weir assembly which can be adjusted to vary the retention time and level of product in the unit.
There is a variable speed drive driving ‘Carablend’ units.
There is an electronic temperature probe fitted on to the discharge chute of the weir arrangement. Each barrel has an electrically interlocked guard on the top which will stop the drive motor if the guard is lifted.
The sides of the ‘Carablend’ unit are covered by stainless steel covers. A stainless steel tray is fitted beneath the length of the ‘Carablend’ unit for collecting the water used during washout and directing it to drain.
The usual arrangement is to mount the ‘Carablend’ unit or units on an elevated framework so that the gravity discharge feeds directly to the subsequent machine, for example a ‘Candy moulder’.
Alternatively, the units can be mounted at floor level and a pump used to transfer the cooked material to the next process.

The feed to the unit should be continuous. The product fed into the ‘Carablend’ unit can be a cold undissolved premix of ingredients, a hot undissolved premix, a hot dissolved syrup or a partially cooked syrup. The infeed condition will generally be governed by the recipe, cooking conditions and output required from the total plant. The continuous feed of material is into one end of the ‘Carablend’ unit. The material gradually moves through the unit being heated and cooked on the way. At the far end it overflows the weir and passes over the temperature probe. The syrup feed rate and height of the weir control the residence time in the unit. The steam pressure will control the temperature reached by the mass.
At any stage extra ingredients can be metered into the unit and blended with the material. For example, once cooking is complete butter and flavourings might be added.

The output depends upon the moisture content of the initial recipe and of the final product, plus the degree of caramelistion required. With ancillary equipment outputs of between 250 and 1000 kg/hr can be handled.

■ Carablend Power:4.4KW
■ Emulsifier Power: 7.5KW
■ Max Steam Pressure:10Kg/cm3
■ Dimension:Height×Width×Length 3100×1600×4700
■ Weight: 2500Kg


Co-extruder type candy

Co-extruder type EX-100/2BG/1RP is capable to offer 1 rope of 2 colors with capacity of max.600kg/hour for toffe candy production. This machine is equipped with advanced electrical control system and mechanical convering structure. It can feed max. 6 sets cut & wrap machines continuously and is reliable in safety and convenient for operation.

The extruder is equipped with two barrels mounted on one frame, each barrel with two  110 infeed rollers and two  100 extrusion screws attached.

Two sets of 60-liter hoppers on top of the barrels are built in two parts. Various forming dies are properly designed as requested, correspond to different shapes of product.

The extruder is equipped with three individual heating units. Heating or cooling of the barrels is controlled respectively by three water tanks via three thermo-regulators with digital display. Automatic adjustment starts when temperature has been set. The set temperature and the actual temperature are shown on the display.

The gearboxes are also installed on the extruder. Each unit includes gears gone through thermal procession. All axles are fixed on a ball bearing. The gears and the bearings run in an oil bath. The hydraulic reservoir is filled with special oil resistant to high-pressure. An electronic over-pressure protection device is fitted in each barrel accurately controlled by a microprocessor.
Two A.C. frequency converters together with main driving motors are introduced to infinitely adjust the extrusion speed.
Each set of extrusion screws is assigned with a variator to regulate the ratio depending on various raw materials to be extruded. “Speed Up or Down” Operation is achieved by a variator when the ratio has been fixed.

The extruder is equipped with three thermo-regulators with temperature display. All electric components and adjustment device are positioned at eye’s level. All contactors, relays and fuses are installed in the control cabinet.

Extrusion capacity: Up to 600 kg/hour
Number of candy ropes: 1 rope
Extrusion screw dia: 100 mm
Infeed roller dia: 110mm
Motor power: 2X5.5 kw
Power for water-heating: 3X6kw
Motor protection: IP 55
Speed adjustment range: 1:27
Water consumption: 300lt/hour
Machine weight: 2300 kg
Overall dimension: 2530×1570×1840m
GF Cooling Tunnel GF/CT-5P/SC

Cooling Tunnel for toffee,sugus,milk cany

Cooling Tunnel for toffee,sugus,milk cany

GF Cooling Tunnel is optimized by  toffee,sugus and milk cany Machinery, based on the advanced European technology. Refrigeration units and circulation device are adopted to achieve constant temperature and humidity in the cooling tunnel, in which 1-4 candy/gum ropes is transported smoothly by nine conveyor belts.

A. Transportation
Five conveyor belts are driven by a 2.2 kw motor with a double-stage chain system to take over the continuously extruded ropes. Special transferring device is located at the entrance and the exit to deliver the extruded ropes to the wrappers. Running speed of the conveyor belts is infinitely adjustable within the range of 0-0.5m/s (maximum 30m/minute) and is controlled by a Japanese frequency converter.
B. Support
Strong supports are provided along the tunnel. Insulation walls around the tunnel is surrounded by slabs of rolled sheet steel filled with foamed insulating stuffing. Two glass doors stands in the front and at the rear side for the supervision of interior running status. There are six doors altogether for checking and maintenance the tunnel.
C. Air Circulation
The air condenser in the tunnel is cooled by an exterior refrigeration unit. Two axle ventilators propel the cool air in the tunnel to circulate to reach the set temperature. Three adjustable electrical units for heating and dehydration are also installed to help the tunnel operation under constant humidity and temperature in accordance with technical requirement for specific product.
D. Electric Control
The complete set of electric components are fitted in the control cabinet located at the end of the cooling tunnel. A microprocessor is introduced to set and regulate transportation speed and temperature and to start and stop ventilators as well as electric heating device. A main operation panel is fitted at the infeed side and an auxiliary panel is located at the rear side of the tunnel. It is possible to check, set and adjust through the main panel the belt speed, and to start/stop ventilators and electric heating device and to turn off the tunnel. An emergency stop button is fitted on the auxiliary panel.
E. Refrigeration
A complete refrigeration system working with refrigerant R22 is composed of imported compressor, a refrigerating unit, a condenser and is characterized by appropriate working pressure. The system offers smooth running of the belt, low noise and excellent cooling effect. Four refrigerating units are de-frosted in intervals and can work continuously under low temperature.

Technical Data
Environment: temperature ≤25 0 C, relative humidity ≤55%
Cooling tunnel: temperature 4-140 C, relative humidity 50%
Power supply: to be specified by the customer
Cooling water intake pressure: ≥0.15 Mpa
Cooling water flux: 10 m3/H
Power consumption: 50 kva
Power of Refrigeration system: 15Hp
Cooling capacity: 20 kw
Water temperature: < 30℃
Overall dimension: 7400X1540X2000
Machine weight: 5500kg

Cut & Wrap Machine in Double twist GF- CW 500 DT

Cut & Wrap Machine in Double twist

This wrapping machine is for the shaping, cutting and packaging of bubble gum and chewy candy in double twist. The machine can wrap products with 2 sheets of waxed paper, i.e. the inner and outer paper. Both papers can be fed from the 2 reels with the outer one printed.

Product Range:
Length: 20-40 mm
Width: 12-25 mm
Height: 5-16 mm
Specific Characteristic of the machine:
Output: 250pcs based on dimensions of 9mm x 9mm x 78 mm
Wrapping Speed Display
Fault Display and Automatic Switch-off Device
Sealing Temperature Display
Centering Device
“No gum, no paper” Device
2 paper-reels for the feeding of inner and outer waxed paper

The machine is ideally designed. Easy and fast assembling and disassembling of the components facilitate maintenance and cleaning. All electric and electronic parts are imported to guarantee optimum performance and safety.

Technical Data:

Power: 5.6 KVA
Power supply: to be specified by the customer
Weight: 1250 kg
Dimension: 1845X1185X1795mm
Wrapping material: Heat-sealable paper, Aluminum foil or PE film

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