Bubble Gum machine line




GF mixer type GF-MX-300UN is a new design of machine based on the advances German technology. They are widely used in the fields of Bubble Gum, Chewing Candy, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.


The main structures:

 The trough and the mixing blades are made of stainless steel which is easy to be cleaned and offers a long service life.

The mixing blades of the mixer are of “z” shape, which can be used not only for mixing and kneading, but also for stirring, blending, beating, homogenizing and plastifying of the ingredients. The clearance between the wall and blades is very small to avoid the retain of the gum mass.

Take the advantage of the opposite rotation and inch-stop performance of the mixing blades, as well as the tilting function of the trough by means of the worm gear and screw driving system, makes the discharge of the ingredients very easy, safe, reliable and sanitary.

Double-jacket of the trough is provided for heating up the gum mass, and can be connected to its own heating system for warm water circulation.

The electric components and control system are of reliable and safe design with interconnection of various functions according the International standard.


Technical Data:

Volume:                                        300 L

Working capacity:                         80-150 kg/batch

Tilting angle:                                  QMAX=90°

Main motor:                                    22 kw

Motor for tilting system:                  2.2kw

Motor for water pump:                    0.5 kw

Water heating:                                2×2 kw

Total power consumption:             23.75 kw

Blade Rotation speed:                  19 rpm-28.5 rpm

Heating water temperature:           100 adjustable

Power supply:                                3 phases, 380V, 50HZ

Machine weight:                             3500 kg

Overall dimension:                         2700X1600X1700mm



                                                                                         Co-extruder for bubble gum and chewy candy

 Co-extruder type EX-100/2BG is capable to offer 1~6 ropes of 1 color or 1~4 ropes of 2 colors with capacity of up to 600kg/hour for bubblegum and chewy candy production.  This machine is equipped with advanced electrical control system and mechanical conveying structure.





The extruder is equipped with two barrels mounted on one frame, each barrel with two F 110 infeed rollers and two F 100 extrusion screws attached.


Two sets of 60-liter hoppers on top of the barrels are built in two parts. Various forming dies are properly designed as requested, correspond to different shapes of product.


The extruder is equipped with three individual heating units. Heating or cooling of the barrels is controlled respectively by three water tanks via three thermo-regulators with digital display. Automatic adjustment starts when temperature has been set. The set temperature and the actual temperature are shown on the display.


The gearboxes are also installed on the extruder. Each unit includes gears gone through thermal procession. All axles are fixed on a ball bearing. The gears and the bearings run in an oil bath. The hydraulic reservoir is filled with special oil resistant to high-pressure. An electronic over-pressure protection device is fitted in each barrel accurately controlled by a microprocessor.




Two A.C. frequency converters together with main driving motors are introduced to infinitely adjust the extrusion speed.

Each set of extrusion screws is assigned with a variator to regulate the ratio depending on various raw materials to be extruded. “Speed Up or Down” Operation is achieved by a variator when the ratio has been fixed.


The extruder is equipped with three thermo-regulators with temperature display. All electric components and adjustment device are positioned at eye’s level. All contactors, relays and fuses are installed in the control cabinet.




Extrusion capacity:

Up to 600 kg/hour

Number of candy ropes:

1-6 rope(s)

Extrusion screw dia:

100 mm

Infeed roller dia:


Motor power:

2X5.5 kw

Power for water-heating:


Motor protection:

IP 55

Speed adjustment range:


Water consumption:


Machine weight:

2300 kg

Overall dimension:




Cooling Tunnel for bubble gum and chewy candy



GF Cooling Tunnel is based on the advanced European technology. Refrigeration units and circulation device are adopted to achieve constant temperature and humidity in the cooling tunnel, in which 1-6 gum ropes is transported smoothly by 9 conveyor belts.



  A.   Transportation

9 conveyor belts are driven by a 2.2 kw motor with a double-stage chain system to take over the continuously extruded ropes. Special transferring device is located at the entrance and the exit to deliver the extruded ropes to the wrappers. Running speed of the conveyor belts is infinitely adjustable within the range of 6-20m/m and is controlled by a frequency converter.


  B.   Support

Strong supports are provided along the tunnel. Insulation walls around the tunnel is surrounded by slabs of rolled sheet steel filled with foamed insulating stuffing. Two glass doors stands in the front and at the rear side for the supervision of interior running status. There are six doors altogether for checking and maintenance the tunnel.


  C.   Air Circulation

The air condenser in the tunnel is cooled by an exterior refrigeration unit. Two axle ventilators propel the cool air in the tunnel to circulate to reach the set temperature. Three adjustable electrical units for heating and dehydration are also installed to help the tunnel operation under constant humidity and temperature in accordance with technical requirement for specific product.


  D.   Electric Control

The complete set of electric components are fitted in the control cabinet located at the end of the cooling tunnel. A microprocessor is introduced to set and regulate transportation speed and temperature and to start and stop ventilators as well as electric heating device. A main operation panel is fitted at the infeed side and an auxiliary panel is located at the rear side of the tunnel. It is possible to check, set and adjust through the main panel the belt speed, and to start/stop ventilators and electric heating device and to turn off the tunnel. An emergency stop button is fitted on the auxiliary panel.


  E.   Refrigeration

A complete refrigeration system working with refrigerant R22 is composed of a DANFOSS compressor, a refrigerating unit, a condenser and is characterized by appropriate working pressure. The system offers smooth running of the belt, low noise and excellent cooling effect. Four refrigerating units are de-frosted in intervals and can work continuously under low temperature.


Technical Data

Environment:  temperature 25,   relative humidity 55%

Cooling tunnel: temperature 4-14,  relative humidity 50%

Power consumption:                            50 kva

Power of Refrigeration system:          15Hp

Cooling capacity:                                  20 kw

Width of cooling belts:                         380mm

Water temperature:                             < 30

Overall dimension:                               9150x1540x2040mm

Machine weight:                                   5500kg

Power supply:                                      3 PHASE, 380V,50HZ


GF Cut & Wrap machine in Bazooka type GF-CW 600 BZ


                                         wrapping machine is for the shaping, cutting and packaging of bubble gum and chewy candy with rectangular shape

This wrapping machine is for the shaping, cutting and packaging of bubble gum and chewy candy with rectangular shape in side folding wrapping style (Bazooka type). The machine can wrap products with 2 sheets of waxed paper, i.e. the inner and outer paper. Both papers can be fed from the 2 reels with the outer one printed. It can fulfill side-folding or back-folding operation depending on your choice.


 Product Range:


Length:                    20-40 mm

Width:                      12-25 mm

Height:                      5-16 mm


 Specific Characteristic of the machine:


Output:  up to 600 pieces/min

Wrapping Speed Display

Fault Display and Automatic Switch-off Device

Sealing Temperature Display


Centering Device

“No gum, no paper” Device

 2 paper-reels for the feeding of inner and outer waxed paper


The machine is ideally designed. Easy and fast assembling and disassembling of the components facilitate maintenance and cleaning. All electric and electronic parts are imported to guarantee optimum performance and safety.


Technical Data:


Power:                   5.6 KVA

Power supply:       380V, 3 PHASE, 50HZ

Weight:                  1250 kg

Dimension:            1845X1185X1795mm

Wrapping material:  Heat-sealable paper, Aluminum foil or PE film




candy enumerated counter

This device is to be used together with the cutter & wrapper for counting the candies and positioning the cartons or jars. With this device, pre-fixed number of the candies in one carton or plastic jar will be put into carton boxes or plastic jars automatically.

It’s composed of conveying belts, two hoppers side by side, counting device, positioning table, feeding table, discharge table and electric cabinet.

The counting device is mounted at the end of the conveying belt, which is fitted on the base of the cutter & wrapper and linked to the arm of the hoppers. The conveying belt on the counting & positioning device is of tooth belt type, which is connected to the spline axle of the cutter & wrapper. Thus, the speed of the counting & positioning device keeps synchronization with the speed of the Cutter & wrapper.

The hoppers are mounted above the positioning table to receive candy pieces from the conveying belt. After being cut and wrapped, the candy pieces are poured into the hoppers through the conveying belt for positioning. Before entering the hoppers, the candy pieces are counted by the counting device. If the machine has been fixed for counting 100 pieces candies each,the counting device shunts every 50 pieces, which means it counts every 50 pieces to fill up one hopper and then another 50 pieces up the second hopper. When the two hoppers are filled with 100 pieces, the bottom doors of the hoppers open and the candy pieces will fall into the empty boxes on the positioning table. The action of shunting and door opening/closing of hopper are controlled by five swinging air cylinders. The quantity of candy pieces for each box is adjustable by counting device, provided the box has the enough space for relevant quantity of candy pieces.

Before and during positioning, the empty boxes should be put manually at the beginning of the feeding table and to be passed to the Pusher by the rubber belt and wait for the action of pushing. The movement of the belt is driven by reducing motor through sprocket chain system.

There’re two air cylinders on the positioning table. Air Cylinder I pushes the empty box from the Pushing point to the Positioning point. It also pushes the filled box to the discharge table. Then the doors of the hoppers open and the candy pieces inside fall into empty boxes. Air Cylinder II pushes the filled boxes to the discharge table. Thus, one cycle of counting & positioning is completed.

After one empty box is pushed to positioning point, the pusher returns to its starting point and the next empty box will be passed to the Pushing point.

 Overall Dimension:

LxWxH = 2550 x 1050(except conveying belts) x 1400mm

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