Ball gum forming line(update)

Including following machines:
GF-OV400 Oven
Mixing dosing tank GF-QN-100
Coating pans
(The quantity is decided by the production hour a day and single piece ball gum coating weight)
Sugar grinder GF-V40B
Ball Forming Machine Type GF-GBM-1000
Cooling Tunnel Type GF-CT- 35 GB
Industrial Dehumidifier 5P
(The quantity is decided by the workshop space and environmental humidity ,about one dehumidifier for 60 square meters)
Consultant for professional processing technology and formula on site

Bubble gum ball line

This line includes:
1.    Preparation:
Support equipments like gum base oven, sugar mill, syrup cooker to prepare material. Prepare other raw material like color, essence…for use.
2.    Mixer: put raw material according to its sequence into mixer.
3.    Extruder: put gum mass from mixer into hopper of extruder and then extrude a bubble gum rope with empty center.
When producing powder filled or liquid filled gum balls, extruder has to work with powder filling or liquid filling machine. Through warm-keeping pipe and a smart mechanism on extruder head, a rotary pump of liquid filling machine send the filling into center of gum ball rope. Filling speed can be controlled. There is also recycling mechanism for fillings once pressure is too high.
Set the machine in order to produce gum rope smooth and continuously which matches forming machine well
4.    Forming machine: Cut and form gum rope from extruder into required shape and size of hollow bubble gum balls.
5.   Cooling table: bubble gum balls from forming machine drop on stainless steel net of cool table for filtering of scraps and instant cooling to keep the shape. After then gum balls are send to cooling room.
6.    Coating & polishing pan: for sugar coating, coloring, and polishing.
7.    Packing: can be flow pack of 1-6pcs, bottle packing, plastic bag packing
8.  Other auxiliary items: industry dehumidifier, A.C. conditioner, plastic trays, cushions, working tables, raw material tables, manual trolley, weighters, metal detector, tools and so on as per requirements.

Description of machines:
GF Extruder Type GF- EX-100×1GB/1RP

Extruder type GF- EX-100×1GB is capable to offer 1-4 gum ropes with capacity of up to 600kg/hour for hollow or solid bubblegum balls with or without fillings. This machine is equipped with advanced electrical control system and mechanical converting structure. It can feed one or two ball forming machines continuously and is reliable in safety and convenient for operation.


The extruder is equipped with one barrel with two F 110 infeed rollers and two F 100 extrusion screws attached.

There’s a hopper on top of the barrel. Various forming dies are properly designed as requested, correspond to different shapes of product.

The extruder is equipped with two individual heating units. Heating or cooling of the barrels is controlled respectively by two water tanks via two thermo-regulators with digital display. Automatic adjustment starts when temperature has been set. The set temperature and the actual temperature are shown on the display.

The gearboxes are also installed on the extruder. Each unit includes gears gone through thermal procession. All axles are fixed on a ball bearing. The gears and the bearings run in an oil bath. The hydraulic reservoir is filled with special oil resistant to high-pressure. An electronic over-pressure protection device is fitted in each barrel accurately controlled by a microprocessor.


One A.C. frequency converter together with main driving motors are introduced to infinitely adjust the extrusion speed.

Each set of extrusion screws is assigned with a variator to regulate the ratio depending on various raw materials to be extruded. “Speed Up or Down” Operation is achieved by a variator when the ratio has been fixed.

The extruder is equipped with two thermo-regulators with temperature display. All electric components and adjustment device are positioned at eye’s level. All contactors, relays and fuses are installed in the control cabinet.


Ball Forming Machine Type GF-GBM-1000

The machine makes use of the motion of 3 forming shaft to form the desired shape. This machine works with gum ball with solid core, empty core, with filling and without filling.

Machine uses both vertical and horizontal shaft to form the desired shape; a spinning knife is used to cut and separate the candy rope.  A variable speed control conveyor belt can pull the candy rope into a changeable distance, and transport it to the entrance of the forming shaft, and then move into a waiting slot by a candy lever.  Once a candy has been treated by the forming shaft, the candy in the waiting slot would be released into the forming shaft for forming.

Variable speed control.

Processing in a sealed case to ensure product freshness.

Machine speed: max.40 strokes/min depending on size of gum ball rope.

Maximum length: 1000mm

Product diameter: φ10.5mm-φ26mm

Electric power: 2.2KW

Weight: 1500 Kg

Air consumption: 100L/h

Air pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa


Cooling Tunnel Type GF-CT- 35GB

The cooling table is to be used after the forming machine.  Through the movement of net filter, the machine cools down the gum and reduces the chance of the candy turning into undesirable shape.

Working principle

The net filter is installed at a tilted angle, which facilitated the continuous movement of the candy product. A reduction motor helps to generate cycle motion which keeps the candy product moving. Fans are installed for constant blowing.  This helps to enhance the stability of the gum shape.

1.       Infinitely adjustable speed

2.       Suitable for a wide range of candy product

3.       Stainless steel filter conveyor net, safe and hygienic.

4.       Recycling tray is installed underneath the filter conveyor net.


Technical data

Vibrating motor power:               approx. 0.42KW

Fan power:                                  approx. 0.25KW

Power source:                             380V, 3P, 50Hz

Machine Weight:                         approx. 800kg

Dimension:                                   3200mm(length) x 1024mm (width) x 760mm(tall)

GF Manual Coating Pan Type GF-CP-1000 for Coating and Polishing

Brief introduction:

This full stainless steel version coating pan is designed and used for coating of various candies. It is equipped with Siemens Motors and Mitsubishi frequency convertor.

Main Technical Parameter:

Pan Diameter: 1000mm

Pan Material: Stainless Steel 304

Capacity: 50-80Kg/Batch

Speed range: 20-36 r.p.m.

Main Motor: 1.5kw

Overall Dimension: 1075x1000x1560mm

Machine Weight: 300kg


Support Equipments:

Mixing Dosing Tank GF-QN-100

This machine is used for syrup cooking and mixing. Machine has a jacketed tank with water heating.


Technical Data:

Volume:                100L

Heating power:     9kw

Mixing motor:      Siemens 1.5kw motor and reducer with local brand

Sugar Grinder GF-V40B

This machine is widely used in food and pharmaceutical field. The movements between high speed motive gear and fixed gear plate smashes the mass and then filtered by metal net.

The machine has stable performance. Replacing the metal net in order to get smashed mass in different mesh. Whole machine is made of stainless steel.


Technical Data:

Capacity:                         300-800kg/h

Fineness:                         60-120mesh

Feeding mass size:        <Φ10mesh

Speed of main shaft:     3400r/min

Motor power:                 11+1.5kw

Overall dimensions:      900×700×1650mm


Industry Dehumidifier Type CFZ/10S

This product adopts refrigeration dehumidifying, consists of compressor, heating exchange, fan, water container, control parts and frame. Wet air from outside is suctioned into machine, and then cooled into frost. System warms up the frost to make it into water and drains out, and then blows out dry air.


Technical Data:

Capacity:                        240L/day

Power:                            380v-50Hz

Max. input current:        12.0A

Power consumption:      4.9kw

Defrosting type:              automatic

Drain water:                    pipe

Compressor protection: 3min delay

Working environment:   5-38℃

Overall dimensions:       770 x 470 x 1630mm

Net weight:                     100kg


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