Stick wrapping machine



This stick wrapping machine is for the rectangular-shape bubble gum and chewy candy pieces which are individually wrapped by cut&wrap machine.It can wrap up to 10 candy pieces in one stick pack on edge or 5 pieces in one stick on flat at your choice.

Technical description

This machine is ideally designed for excellent stick pack of bubble gum and chewy candy. The optimum performance relys on the accurate size and shape of the candy pieces, as well as the good quality of individual fold wrap already carried out by cut & wrapper.The printed paper with photo marks can be fed from the reel and is well cut through centering device. Easy and fast assembling and disassembling of the components facilitate maintenance and cleaning. All electric and electronic parts guarantee optimum performance and safety.

Main characteristics

Wrapping Speed Display

Touch Screen Displayer


Centering Device

“No gum, no paper” Device

1 Paper-Reel For The Feeding Wrap ping Paper

Technical data

Power consumption:6.6kw

Power supply:380V 3 phases 50 Hz


Overall dimension:2045x1185x1795 mm


Capacity:160 sticks/min,five pieces in a stick , or three pieces in a stick

Product Size Range:Length: 60-90 mmWidth: 13-40 mmHeight: 6-18 mm

Wrapping Material:Heat-sealable paper Aluminum foil or PE film

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