Cut &Wrap Machine

Cut wraping machine pack bubble gum, chewy candy and toffee products

Cut wraping machine pack bubble gum, chewy candy and toffee products

GF 600 Series Cut &Wrap Machine can pack bubble gum, chewy candy and toffee products in endfold (Bazooka type), underfold (Sugus type), double twist and flow pack style.The machine is equipped with a rope feeding unit to take over products with square,rectangular or cylindrical shapes. Very flexible and quick changeover from double twist to fold wrap or vice versas, as well as change of size parts. Easy and fast assembling and disassembling of the components facilitate operation, maintenance and cleaning..

Type of Wrapping

Both fold wrap and double twist can wrap the products with or without picture insert, tattoo and cartoon. There are 2 paper reels for the feeding of inner and outer
wrapping material.

When 2 kinds of wrapping paper are used at the same time, only one paper can be printed with photo mark for precise cutting through centering device, while another one has to be with continuous printing. “Comic strips”device is also available as alternative.

All electric and electronic parts are of top international brands to guarantee optimum performance and safety. The control system is of reliable and secure design with
interconnection of various functions according to the international standard. Centralized PLC control is adopted on the wrapper. A main operation panel with counter and temperature display is fitted at the eye’s level.

Main characteristic
Wrapping Speed Display
Fault Display And Automatic
Switch- Off Device
Sealing Temperature Display
Centering Device
“No product, no paper ” Device







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