Cooling Tunnel

 cooling-tunnel-for bubble gum,chewy candy and toffee production

Cooling-tunnel-for bubble gum,chewy candy and toffee production

GF Cooling Tunnel  is based on the advanced European technology for bubble gum,chewy candy and toffee production. Refrigeration units and circulation device are adopted to achieve constant temperature and humidity inside the cooling tunnel,where gum or candy ropes are transported smoothly by conveyor belts and are cooled down.

Transportation. PU conveyor belts are driven by motor with double-stage chain system to take over the continuously exdruded ropes. Running speed of the conveyor belts are infinitely adjustable and are controlled by a frequency converter.

Support. Insulation walls around the tunnel are surrounded by slabs of rolled sheet steel filled with foamed insulation stuffing. Two glass doors stand in the front and on the rear side for the supervision of interior running status.

Air circulation. The air condenser in the tunnel is cooled by an exderior refrigeration unit. Axle ventilators propel the cool air in the tunnel to circulate to reach the set temperature. Electrical units for heating and dehydrating are also installed to  help the tunnel operation under constant humidity and temperature in accordance with technical requirement for specific product.

Electric control. The complete set of electric components are fitted in the control cabinet located on the rear end of the cooling tunnel. A main operation panel is fitted on the infeed side and an auxiliary panel is located on the rear side of the tunnel.

Refrigeration. A complete refrigeration system working with refrigerant R407C is composed of SEW compressor, refrigeration unit, condenser and is characterized by appropriate working pressure. Refrigeration units are de-frosted in intervals and can work continuously under low temperature.




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