Co-extrude bubble gum, chewing gum and chewy candy

Co-extrude bubble gum, chewing gum and chewy candy

GF Co-extruder is competent to offer l-6 gum ropes for single-color product and l-4 ropes for two-color product for bubble gum, chewing gum and chewy candy production. This machine is equipped with advanced electronic control system and mechanical conveying structure. It can feed up t0 6 sets of cut & wrap machines continuously and is reliable, safe and convenient for operation and maintenance.

Mechanical construction
The Co-extruder is equipped with 2 barrels mounted on one frame, each barrrel is attached with infeed rollers and extrusion screws. Hoppers are fitted individually on top of the barrels. Various forming dies are properly designed on request, corresponding to different product shapes and dimensions.Co-extruder is equipped with individual heating units. Heating of the barrels and head are controlled respectively by water tanks via thermo-regulators with digital display. Automatic adjustment starts when temperature has been preset. The set temperature and the actual temperature are shown on the display.

The gearboxes including gears have gone through thermal process. The gears and the bearings run in an oil bath tank. The hydraulic reservoir is filled with special oil resistant to high-pressure. An electronic over-pressure protection device is fitted in each barrel and is accurately controlled by microprocessor.Two A.C. frequency converters together with main driving motors are introduced to infinitely adjust the extrusion speed.
Each set of extrusion screw is assigned with a variator to regulate the ratio depending on various raw materials to be extruded. “Speed Up or Down”operation is achieved by a variator when the ratio has been fixed.
The extruder is equipped with thermo-regulators with temperature display. All electric components and adjustment devices are positioned at eye’s level. All contactors, relays and fuses are installed in the control cabinet.

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