Ball forming machine

gum Ball forming machine


The rope coming from the extruder is taken over by the conveyor belt of the ball forming machine,powdered, equalized and cut to the length of the forming rollers.The rope pieces are pushed into the rollers, formed to the corresponding shape and then fed into the cooling tunnel.

Product range:

Minimum Diameter: 8 mm
Maximum Diameter: 30 mm

Mechanical construction:

The conveyor belt installed on the ball forming machine is running underneath the extrusion head and takes over the extruded rope. The conveyor belt is running intermittently.
The powdering device preads powder on the rope continuously to avoid sticking. Two sets of equalizing rollers shape the rope to the final size. The sets of equalizing rollers are adjustable.

A rotating cutting knife cuts the delivered rope into pieces corresponding to the length of the forming rollers. During the cutting, the conveyor belt is stopped.A pusher transports the rope piece into the forming rollers. The front forming roller is mounted movably. As soon as the rope piece is pushed in,this roller is moving towards the other forming rollers and the rope pieces are shaped according to the profile of the rollers.

After the forming procedure, the rolled products are pushed out. Another rope piece is pushed in and the forming procedure is continued.The formed products are transported by a chute into the cooling tunnel. The scraps are collected in a bin.

Electrical equipment

A motor with l.5 kw and variable speed gear is built in. Speed adjustment is in the range of l:6. The electrical control and regulating instruments are clearly arranged at eye’s level. All contactors, relays and fuses are installed in the control cabinet.

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